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Crop Over and Kadooment Day

It is Crop Over and Kadooment day in Barbados. Family and friends are out enjoying music, dancing and revelry in the streets. As they celebrate they pay tribute to the original festivals that marked the end of the harvest during the times of slavery. This festival...

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Michelle Hagen

Michelle Hagen

Wife, Mother, Writer

Welcome to Beach to Prairie. I’m a British born, Barbadian (Bajan) raised wife and mother living in North Dakota. I love the Bajan culture I was raised in and I celebrate it in this blog. I also love my life in North Dakota and sharing my experiences living here with my family. Grab a cup of coffee or glass of wine and let’s get to know each other.
Beautiful Day in Barbados -Photo taken by Michelle Hagen 2013.

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Historic Election in Barbados

June is Caribbean-American Heritage Month and for this first post I want to celebrate a historic election in Barbados, my home country. BarbadosFormerly a British colony Barbados gained Independence on November 30th 1966. Today Barbados is one of the most developed...

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Meet Artist Maria Danil

Here is a post I have been looking forward to sharing for weeks now. I am so thrilled to have had the opportunity to sit and chat with one of my favorite artists and favorite people, Maria Danil. An Introduction to Maria Maria Danil is a Romanian artist...

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March Favorites

This post contains affiliate links! That means that when you buy something as a result of clicking a link on this page I receive a commission. There is no additional charge to you should you choose to support this blog by doing so. I only become affiliated with...

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Josh Hagen

Josh Hagen

Husband, Father, Writer

Looking for great children’s books? Look no further! Author Josh Hagen has created fun reads for your little ones.  Check them out here at Available at Josh was born and raised in rural North Dakota. Not great for phone and internet reception , but great for growing up with an active imagination. Josh attended the Savannah College of Art and Design where he fell in love with creating stories with images. Before creating his first children’s books, Josh worked in a number of art related jobs such as storyboarding for movies and commercials, sculpting and even some special fx work. All along the way Josh wrote and drew stories for himself, but never thought about doing it professionally until the birth of his son. Now he creates stories for his son and children everywhere.
Stunning North Dakota Sunset -Photo taken by Josh Hagen.

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Dad’s Bajan Bakes Recipe

Bakes are staples of Bajan cuisine. They are mostly a breakfast food and they are even part of the inspiration behind a popular Soca music song....
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