As much as we need companionship, sometimes a space of your own is just what the doctor ordered. One of my personal and favorite spaces is my office. I have it pretty much the way I want it. It started out as craft room and sewing space with unfinished floors and has evolved into a nice office space for me.

I didn’t do it all at once. I spent one summer tiling and another arranging filing cabinets.  There are little things I would still like to do but for now, when I sit at my desk I am pretty content. When my little one was born I made spaces for him in my office so I could work and take care of him too. It’s working pretty well and helps prevent baby stuff from taking over the entire house.

Here is a tour of my office and how I have organized.

Welcome to my office. When you enter my office at the moment the first thing you see is my son’s playpen.  I keep it on the left of my desk when I am working so I can watch him and still be effective at work and home.

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Three drawer units are kept on the right of my desk and house my sons items.  The first one has burp cloths, bibs, teethers and books. The second drawer is his diaper drawer and has everything you’d expect.  Wipes, diapers, healing ointment, extra onesies and a grooming case. This way I can cater to most of our sons needs without having to leave the office much. This method really helps when trying to get work done.  Beneath my desk I have sorted my work items into office supplies, bill and receipts, paper supply, letter writing supplies and media drawers. My bookcase is behind me and to the right of my desk and it’s where I keep my household binder, and other essential home management binders. The top shelf houses my cookbooks and recipe cards. The second shelf has various theater books. Below that are some music books and special interest books including books on child raising.  The bottom self has sewing, diet, and inspirational books.

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I also store a few books in the built-in closet to the left of my desk. There is some pot overflow from the house, and other storage there.  I also have a heater in there to warm the office in winter. It is not very large space so it heats pretty quickly.  Above that closet I have a tea area.  Just a little spot for my teapot and a few of my favorite pieces.  The cookie jar isn’t full.  I am trying to lose weight. Sigh! In front of my desk on the right side is the television and video storage.  I use a Roku Box in this room as the tv here is not hooked up to our provider.

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To the left front of my desk is my filing cabinet, printer and mail storage.


The view outside of my office is of our garden. I haven’t been in the garden at all this year. My husband Josh has done all the gardening.   He’s done such a good job too. We have carrots, corn, beets, potatoes, parsnips, cucumber, squash, raspberries, strawberries, and herbs.  I am looking forward to making baby food soon. I often sit here and contemplate life from this view.

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That’s the general tour. All in all though this organizational method keeps me sane.  I can keep an eye on our little one, feel like a “good mom” and be effective in my work. Does this mean I don’t drop the ball from time to time? I drop the ball more than I care to admit.  Laundry is waiting for me as I type but I am creating a new normal, a day and a challenge at a time. Such is life.

That’s it! If there is any interest in seeing more detail of my office organization, my desk drawers and such leave a comment and I will be sure to post that info in the future. Thanks so much for checking out my blog. Till later.

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