I can’t believe it has been a week already.  I have been so busy this week but I did manage to fit in a few good workouts.  I am so proud of the start I made.  I didn’t exercise everyday or start a diet even though my goal is to do both of those things. Instead I just reduced how much I ate slightly and started to workout. At weigh in today I am happy to report that I have lost two pounds. 🙂 It might not sound like a lot but I think of it this way – now I can say I have thirty-eight pounds to lose and not forty! Every bit helps get me closer to my goal.

This week I made a good foundation to continue on my weight loss journey.  I started with programs I already really love. The Tone it Up program was founded by certified trainers Karina Dawn and Katrina Hodgson. They both have welcoming, fun personalities and their relaxed attitudes make you feel that every move they make is easy!  It’s not! These women work hard and they will get you to work hard too.  What’s more you’ll like it!

One of last weeks’ Tone it Up workout days included yoga but I had no yoga DVD so I decided to go hunting for an app. I found one! Yoga Studio. What a great app. Good for beginners like me. It is an easy to use app. You do have to download the videos but the size is small and didn’t take up much room on my iPod.

I worked out four days last week. I hope to work out six days this week. I go to work this week too though so we’ll see. I am aiming for no less than four days for sure. I am re-reading the Eat Clean Diet to see where I might be able to make better choices.

That’s it for this week’s check in. Hoping for another two pounds lost this week! If you are on a similar journey I wish you a productive week as well. Until next week 🙂

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