Ok, so I may not have fit four workouts into my week, but I did get a workout in and it left me feeling motivated and energized. I am still at two pounds lost so I didn’t put on any of the weight I lost the week before. This is a win for me!

Our little J still isn’t sleeping through the night. He’s up for at least one, sometimes two feedings at night. I certainly don’t get up from a night with two feedings with the will to work out but this week proved to me I should.

My cardio workout was exhausting to do but once I’d completed it and showered I felt like a new woman. I don’t own a Zumba workout DVD so I decided to YouTube it. I just picked workouts with songs that I thought would be fun to dance to and went from there. After trying Zumba, I am hooked! It is fun, you sweat, burn calories and brush up on your dancing skills at the same time. What’s more our son got a huge kick out of my dancing around. He also seems to think crunches are the funniest things ever. I enjoyed working out more with him giggling at me. It made me hopeful that I may be teaching him that exercise is fun.

Veggies from our Garden

Veggies from our Garden

Aside from a good exercise experience, it was a good week for improving my diet. The garden is maturing nicely! Josh has harvested lots of veggies which means a lot of healthy meals. Today it was cucumber and carrots from the garden and a smoothie. He used a Bolthouse smoothie and added cucumber from our garden. Really nice!


Smoothie and Veggies before work 🙂 Yum!

It is easier to want to eat healthier with a garden full of goodness.

I also wanted to mention the Tone it Up Frisky Fall Challenge. It is an eight week fitness challenge that begins September 8th. I will be doing this year’s challenge so for the next eight weeks my fitness blog will probably feature my progress. I find competing in these challenges fun and energizing. There are a lot of cool prizes to be won and the biggest prize of all is just feeling great about yourself at the end. More information on the challenge can be found here if anyone wants to try it out. Hope you are having a great week.

Love and Good Wishes

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