I thrilled that I have managed to fit in my workouts this week.

I am really enjoying the Tone It Up Frisky Fall Challenge. It is fun, rewarding and the community is very positive and motivating. The fall challenge started this Monday and runs for eight weeks.


I started the week deciding what I wanted to achieve in the challenge. Number 3 on the list is especially difficult for me because I love Oreos but if I can pull it off and stay away from them for eight weeks the look on my husband’s face would be totally worth it.  I’m not sure he thinks I can do it.

It is O.K. if I don’t win a prize but I think having it as a goal will keep me motivated to really work hard.  The best prize will be the weight loss and getting in to my regular jeans and out of maternity clothes!

We have some young coyotes in our area so I don’t really want to go running out here now. It is not unusual to see them in our yard as we often see deer but they never hang around the house long. Still, I really don’t feel comfortable out there alone. Irrational fear? Maybe but it’s mine so for the fall challenge, I have opted to substitute running with time on the work out bike.


Once again the garden has helped my efforts at being healthy.  This weekend we got another great harvest!


It has been a great start to the fitness challenge and I look forward to the journey as well as the destination.

Our son just had his six month well check and is doing great! We are really feeling blessed. He’s almost crawling and recently started making a happy squeal sound. Yay!

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