As I have referenced our garden several times in various post, I thought it might be a good idea to give a garden tour of sorts.

carving out a space for the gardenPut up Fence

My husband and I started the garden a few years back on a whim. We thought it would be nice to have and without any experience and very little study we dug in! It turned out to be a fun, rewarding and successful endeavor.

Gardening        Garden Bench Flowerbed        Garden Ornament

We increased the size of the garden the following year. We are learning as we go and each year benefits from the lessons learned the year before.

Deer in yard        Gopher in yard

Deer seem to love our area and I had been warned prior to starting the garden that deer might jump our fence and eat away all of our hard work. Luckily that has not proven to be the case. They mill on the outside of the garden and from time to time peck at anything growing through the fence but even that is rare. We do have problems with Gophers attacking some plants. We have had a badger in our yard threatening to move into the garden but he’s not made it in there yet!

Peppers        Strawberries Veggies        Squash and pumpkin

We have been lucky to have great harvest over the years. What is planted and how the garden grows is never the same from year to year.

Josh has gardened all on his lonesome this year as I didn’t want to head out there and risk bringing anything in to baby. Our garden is not small but Josh has done a great job! Here’s a look at the garden this year.

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(From left to right: Cone flowers, carrots, view across garden, cherry tomatoes, mint, garden view, cilantro, parsley and sage, cosmos, potatoes, heirloom tomatoes, corn and parsnips) .

Once we bring the vegetables inside we put them right into cold water, clean them and lay them out to dry. Then we bag them up and put them in the fridge. Many times they do not make it that far and end up right in the day’s dinner.

Cleaning Veggies         Corn Cleaning the corn         Harvest

I have had a great time out with my husband and my son getting pictures for you. While we were out Josh came across a dragonfly too cold to fly. He decided to warm him up so he could fly away. Here are a few pics of the experience.

Warming the Dragonfly so he can fly!


Introducing Little J to the Dragonfly

Introducing Little J to the Dragonfly

I hope you enjoyed the pics! I would encourage anyone to have a garden. Even a container garden in a small apartment could be rewarding. If you already have a garden go ahead tell me; ” How does your garden grow?”.

Till Next Time.

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