Happy Fall! It’s so beautiful here. The leaves have started to change color and it just makes for a beautiful view. Hunting season is here and my father-in-law is already prepared. He’s got his decoys organized and has started scouting locations. I don’t know if Josh is headed out or not this year.  They hunt waterfowl but not deer. We get too much pleasure from watching the deer in the yard to have the heart to hunt them. We like watching the geese and ducks too but they are too tasty I guess. For my readers who are not fans of hunting please be comforted in the fact that we eat what we hunt, accept that in this a way in which we differ, live and let live.

Long week! I have been busy at work and at home trying to get a bit more order in my life.  This past week I managed to organize and clean our home a quite a bit. Hopefully it translates into doing a great job at work, finding time to exercise and most of all spending more quality time with Little J and Josh this week . Our son has started to eat solid foods. Little J is sitting up quite well now. He’s sort of crawling too. He crawls on our bed.  I don’t know if it’s because of the hardwood floors but when he’s on the floor even on his play mat he prefers to drag his legs behind him in a lazy half crawl.

IMG_1809 - Version 2

He is also pulling himself up and standing. We have found him in the crib standing around looking over the side, so his bed is being lowered this weekend.  He has begun to hold onto the side of his playpen and shuffle himself around it. Most of the time he prefers to stand.

Banging on things like walls and coffee tables is a new source of entertainment.  He enjoys flipping through books but he tore a page out of one this week and of course tried to eat it. All books that weren’t board books were moved to higher ground.

I missed the workout blog this week as I didn’t workout. I am still doing the challenge but was just too busy recently and my focus was on organization.  Worry not I will be back on track soon.

I want to thank you all for the amazing response to my blog. I have had so many positive responses and supportive emails. It is really quite humbling. I hope that you will continue to enjoy this blog as it grows and evolves. Hope you have all had a great week.

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