I am finally making good use of my devices.  Right now I am working on my Macbook Pro, watching YouTube on my iPad while I hang out with my son. I am loving a lot of the apps on my iPad now and I thought I would share some of my favorites with you. This task however took longer than I bargained for so I will make it a series. I’ll start with what’s on my first “page”  on my iPad and go from there.

I organized my iPad according to how I might use my apps during my day. They mimic my daily routine. I start with information: Clock, Calendar, Weather and Road Reports. Then I have my spiritual practice apps, followed by my planning apps such as Opus Domini which is a daily planner in the same sort of style as a Franklin Planner, Day Runner or Filofax.

Fitness Apps follow and the stand outs among those for me are Tone it Up as that is fitness program I am now loving, and Yoga Studio.

Yoga Studio is a great app for novices like me as well as the more advanced practitioners.  The videos are great and really do a good job of taking you through a course.  It really feels like you are in a class in your living room.

Apps for baby follow and are some of my personal faves.  I guess as a new mom I wanted to do everything by the imaginary book! I tracked feeding times, diapers, development and much more with this app, much to the amusement of my mom. My mother had none of these tools when she had me. I can totally understand her point of view but I found this app quite valuable. It is not the prettiest app in the world but it is functional. I love that it is fairly customizable.  You can create and set alarms and reminders and it syncs making it useful on my iPod and iPad.  I wish I could use it on my computer too but unfortunately it is not available for Mac.

Sleep Pillow and Baby Pillow are two apps I used more in the first four months of our son’s life but I will probably start using again to get Little J to nap a more.  It helps him sleep.  I only had to try it once and I loved it. One downside is you (the parent) do get tired of hearing the songs or sounds over and over but your baby won’t. I got both apps but I think if you had to choose just one Sleep Pillow is the way to go.  Sleep Pillow has most of the songs that Baby Pillow but has far more too.  A fun option in Sleep Pillow is the ability to make your own sound mixes.

We have Baby Monitor 3G and it is a great app that acts as…. a baby monitor! It cost way less than a traditional baby monitor but you need two devices to make it work. That could be an iPod, iPad or Mac Computer in any combination. It is also available on Android devices.

At night I leave my iPod in baby J’s room and I put my iPad in ours.  I turn the app on for both devices and make sure the volume is up. I love that this app alerts you, rather loudly,  if connection breaks so you can fix it. It is really sensitive and picks up sound great. It does have a camera option but really we don’t use it because our son would wake up see the iPod and want to play with it.  So I usually hide it in his room and just use the sound option. I don’t put any devices too close to baby as I think it’s wise to limit exposure somewhat.  This app also has a speaker so we can communicate from the iPad with him if need be.  I love being able to check him from anywhere in the house. Because we got this one first I kind of feel most comfortable using this one.  I also love that their customer service is great.

Cloud Baby Monitor I got when Baby Monitor 3G was having technical issues and I wasn’t about to wait for them to fix it. I downloaded this one and I love it too. First off it allows for two devices (parents) to watch baby while Baby Monitor 3G allows only one parent station. It is also full of great features and is a great buy. I would recommend a parent to get both.  If one stops in the middle of the night it’s great to have a back up. Know however monitoring this way means that you need a great internet connection.  Neither of these work without it.

Maybe some of these apps you already have but perhaps you may discover a new one that is helpful for you. I am just happy to share. If you have an app you can’t live without share it in the comments and tell us what you love about it. Love to hear what you are thinking and what you are up to.

Purchase any of these apps in the iTunes App Store. Baby Monitor 3G is available in the Google Play store.  Please know this is not a sponsored post.  I received no compensation at the time of this post for any opinion shared here.  These opinions are my own.

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