Hey all! The year is going so quickly I can still remember what it was like being pregnant and full of anticipation! Our baby is 7 months, crawling around and chatting up a storm. Amazing! Josh is doing really well and has been busy on his own blog where he is celebrating reaching 100 followers. Congrats babe!

Now, let’s pick up right up where I left off with the series on what’s on my iPad.

Social apps like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter are next. It’s wonderful just how many ways we have of connecting with each other. Skype is by far my favorite of the social applications. I use it often to communicate with family and friends worldwide.  The reception is actually quite good and it is extremely user-friendly.  Skype features free calls to other Skype users.  I make frequent calls to Barbados especially. Skype is full of great paid features too with reasonable rates.

Recipe and food related apps are next. Allrecipes is a great website for finding recipes for all sorts of great bites. I have baked a few things from the contributors at Allrecipies with much success. I also found the Food Network recipe app full of delicious recipes for all occasions from your favorite celebrity chefs.

After breakfast I like to tune into the news or watch a show if I am not doing that on my t.v. for any reason then I may be watching on my iPad.  My news apps of choice are CNN and two local news apps. I have CNN set up through our Direct TV service.  I also opted to have news alerts which has proven to be a great way to keep up with what is going on.

My local news apps are WDAZ and WDAY news.  I was really impressed with the functionality of these apps and love knowing what is going on locally.

Finally for WordPress bloggers, Blog Pad Pro is really a great.  I am just starting to use this one and it really works well for me.  I can blog on the go with BlogPad Pro. 😉

Let me know if you have any of these apps or perhaps if you tried them but opted for something else.  It’s great to be able to share with you.  Before I go I wanted to share one more thing. The view yesterday was so beautiful hubby and I snapped a few pics just for you guys.


View through our window


Have a great week!

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