I haven’t been working out now for nearly a week but I have been quite active at home. I had three days in a row off of work which is unusual for me, but I used the time well. Laundry is getting under control. My devices  updated, mail sorted, my desktop is clear and rooms cleaned. Yuppie! I can’t tell you how good that feels.

I have put on weight but I am not giving up. I have just as much resolve than I did before – it’s just a bit more realistic. My new goal is to drop the weight by our little one’s first birthday.  That seems far more realistic.  In some ways my weight loss journey has stalled and it’s disappointing but I know I can reach my goal.

I auditioned and scored the role of Gwen in the Nelson County Art Council’s community play but unfortunately I had to decline. My schedule just wouldn’t allow for the level of commitment I would have needed to do well and be an asset to the cast. There goes reality again. Calling my name. It’s ok though I am focusing on what’s best for Little J and that is the most important thing.  I can’t do everything but I can be the best at what I already am. A mom!

So no ground breaking improvements in my physique … yet! It will change but it won’t be over night and that’s just fine.

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