Despite the fact that my iPad is sorted to take me through an entire day I certainly don’t have time to spend an entire day on my iPad nor would I want to. I have a life I actually want to live, not spend glued to a device. What the set up does do however is make it so no matter the time of day I have something on my device that inspires, educates, assists or entertains.

In part one of this series I described my favorite scheduling, planning and baby care apps. In part two I shared the apps I use to catch up on the news, stay socially connected and blog. The apps in this last post of the series are some of the apps I simply enjoy.

I have several reader apps. I find with my seven month baby it’s hard to read books without him trying to get them out of my hands. Excellent! I want him interested in books and reading. I try to encourage his curiosity but there are times I want to read something with little interruption. My iPad works pretty well for that. Feedly and Bloglovin are good apps for following my favorite blogs. If you follow a few bloggers they allow you to read all their post from one place. The give you access to the latest posts so that you are always up to date and there is a huge library of bloggers to explore if you wish.

Zite and Pulse are more magazine like apps that I enjoy. Zite you plug-in what interests are to get more of the type of read you like. Pulse is a LinkedIn app that has tons of great articles to help further your professional and business interests. (LinkedIn is a great professional network)

Following these are my T.V. apps.  Hulu is one of my favorite apps. I really prefer Hulu to Netflix. I am not a fan of the way Netflix works as I also don’t like the hit and miss nature of their content. I find Hulu easier to navigate, sleeker, and more upfront about what you can find on their service and what you can’t. I don’t mind the commercials though I get why some people might. I am a busy woman and being able to walk away from the T.V. is a good thing. I usually have something playing while I am doing dishes, laundry or cleaning to make the mundane less so. We have DirectTV and I think their app is excellent! It allows me to watch live TV and manage our DVR boxes, from my iPad. I can start a show on the T.V. and complete it on my iPad which is extremely convenient.

The last standout on my iPad is Duolingo. This is great language education app. It is free and a great quality app especially for beginners. It uses pictures, allows you to speak text for pronunciation accuracy and tests your knowledge as you progress. I found it educational and fun.

All that’s really left on my iPad are games like Diamond Dash and Tapped Out which my husband plays more than I do.

This is the last post on What’s on my iPad, I hope you have enjoyed this series. That’s all for now. Till next time.

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