Lots going on here in the Beach to Prairie household with the holidays and a Sagittarius full family. Getting organized and staying that way as a new mom is hard.  My husband has been so great about helping me out and I feel extremely lucky to have him.

I am now tackling our filing system. My hope is to start 2015 on a clean and organized foot but now my office is definitely untidy as I work on my files.


I know it’s worth the hard work and I’m excited to have a filing system that I don’t have to completely reinvent every year. I am using the Freedom Filer System.  I first heard about this filing system on YouTube. I discovered a video on filing by Alejandra Costello, blogger, vlogger and personal organizer which featured this filing system.  This system gives you structured ways to organize your files and the flexibility to adapt that structure so that is customized for  you. It comes with a filing guide and labels.

After seeing the price (Home Filing Kit $32.95 on their website) I thought a long time before purchasing the system.  I tried being frugal and created a less stylish system on my own. I figured I could write my own labels for that price but in the end I just really liked the way the Freedom Filer System instructs you on how to file as you go. That was something I couldn’t replicate, not being a great filer myself. I am using it and I am loving it.


If you are already good at filing, this may not be the product for you. If you find yourself reinventing the filing wheel every year, I would recommend this system. I am still setting it up, sorting papers and putting them away, but I am pleased so far.

What projects are you working on?  Feels so good to blog again. Missed you guys. Till next time.



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