At the beginning of the year I had made up my mind to do the Tone It Up, Love Your Body Series but after the first Yoga exercise I felt rather discouraged. I am definitely not in shape and didn’t feel I did well enough with that workout to get any benefit from it.  My form was bad and I felt out of my depth. I just don’t think I can handle their program at the moment.  I really want to build up to it so I can do the Bikini Series later this year.

That doesn’t mean that I am not working out or dieting until then however. This week I will really start to watch my diet.  So far for the year I haven’t been interested in diet and it’s hard to lose weight like that! I will exercise but diet is the hardest part for me. I am not used to having to diet and it means I lack two very important dieting tools, will and discipline.  I will be working on both this week and putting up my motivation board on my computer again.

I had seen advertisements for Daily Burn as I watched shows on my Hulu and I was intrigued. Perhaps because I so dearly miss Fit TV.  I loved being able to wake up and workout at almost anytime of day with a qualified trainer and Daily Burn promises to do exactly that for you. So I have started their free trial and I will share with you what I think of it over the next four weeks.

When you sign up you can customize a program for yourself. I, for example, chose beginner workouts because I feel so out of shape but requested a drill type trainer and not a friend because I need tough love now.  I did not opt for a personal coach because I want to see what you get for your money at the basic level and because I don’t think I have time for chats and such. I just want to workout and get things done.  We’ll see if that was a wise choice as I go through the program.

Daily Burn is available on many devices including apple device and Roku both of which i will likely be using. I will check in next week and let you know what I think of their services.

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