Ten Months!  Wow! Our little boy is growing so much.  No matter what is going on in my life, this little one, can always manage to put a smile on my face.  As we draw ever nearer to his first birthday I find myself reflecting on just how far we have come. It is true, they grow so quickly.  Baby J is quite tall and he has a curious nature that is very endearing.

As a mother I am learning constantly. What are the best methods of teaching this skill or that? Is he eating enough? Why isn’t he sleeping?

Just recently as his father and I were sitting down having a heated conversation about if one of us heard what the other said clearly, Little J, just crawled over to his push toy and started walking.  It was as if to say hey you two, enough I am leaving! It was so unexpected we immediately stopped what we were doing and started fumbling around for our cameras.

Little J is starting to walk!.

He’s been saying “Mamma” and “Dada” for a while now but I think he just figured out what he’s saying. The rest of his conversation is still indecipherable but amusing none the less. He has such personality and his favorite things right now are Mickey Mouse, Caillou, anything musical (including NBC’s, The Voice), playing games with mom and dad and loud toys.

Yes these are the musings of a mother on her child.

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