I have always had a difficult relationship with my hair.  It has never really been my crowning glory. It’s been something for me to tackle and struggle with.  I have had a Dry Curl, Relaxers and natural hair. My hair has been in short, mid length, in braids, in twists and it’s even been red!  You would think that at thirty-four I would have found a style that suits me. A signature style! Well I haven’t but that’s definitely a hair goal of mine.

I know that there has been a lot of controversy over black hair and it being a defining characteristic of being a beautiful black woman. Regardless of if our hair is relaxed, natural, short, long, red blue or green black is beautiful. Natural hair won’t make you more black nor will relaxed hair make you less so.

I am so glad to see more beautiful black women embracing their natural hair. We should be proud of our locks and learn how to grow healthy hair. The natural hair movement has done wonderful things for educating black women on how to properly care for our hair.  That knowledge helps us all regardless of how we ultimately decide to style our hair. I love the P&G “My Black is Beautiful” sentiment.

My main goal is to grow a healthier head of hair and style it to suit my face and personal style. I am thinking of relaxing my hair again once I am done nursing. I am digging actress Kat Graham’s bob and that is the direction I am leaning in. Hopefully this will be the style for me.  If not, the hunt continues.

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