I started with clean hair. Once my hair was clean I used my Cantu Shea Butter Conditioning Repair Cream to condition my hair and olive oil to seal moisture in the strands.  I created square sections in my hair and used my wide tooth comb to un-tangle. I began twisting the sections and wrapping them into knots.

Photo on 3-23-15 at 2.53 PM

I must admit I found it hard to keep the sections twisted while trying to Bantu knot them as my hair has grown pretty long. I got it together …


Photo on 3-23-15 at 3.14 PM

I started at the front and made my way backward.  My husband Josh found a way to make it fun.

Photo on 3-23-15 at 3.08 PM #2


Once done, I wrapped my hair up in my silk scarf.

Photo on 3-23-15 at 3.21 PM

Tomorrow I will take it down and post pics of how it comes out… Good or bad, there will be pics, let’s hope it’s good!

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