O.K. So as I promised I am back with the results of my Bantu Knot Out.

I got up this morning took care my family and some stuff around the house and then I got started on my hair.

At this point I am hopeful that it will look pretty good. My main concern is that I didn’t make enough Bantu Knots.  They look great after being slept in and I could just wear the knots for a casual look and be happy… but I won’t.

Bantu Knot Out p2


It’s O.K. Not my favorite thing ever.  I loved the Bantu Knots and I liked that they were not a pain to sleep in. I loved the curl I got from the take down… but then my hair just sort of hung there,

Photo on 3-24-15 at 1.12 PM #3

…not really standing up  and not really dangling either. So I had to style it and it was cute but lacked the sophistication that I was seeking.

It's Just   O.K.

There are a few other natural styles I want to try before surrendering to a relaxer again. You’ll see them all I am sure.  I love to share and your opinion is helpful.  I have received such positive feedback from this post, thank you all for your comments.  If you have any suggestions message me or leave a comment.  Love to hear what you’d like to see more of on the blog too.


Till later


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