So here’s what little J has been up to this week.

Ok, so biting is a thing. Little J loves biting my chin and cheeks recently. It was kind of cute and really funny when I first realized what he was up to.  L.J. is definitely well into the oral discovery phase, anything and everything is fair game and mom and dad have to really watch him. Time for teething solutions!  We did have the harder type teething ring you put in the fridge but that really doesn’t seem to help. I am trying the softer variety now and he really seems to be taking to it. Little J is also transitioning from bottles to sippy cups pretty well.  I am trying to drop the bottles entirely soon.

I went ahead and got an Audible account as it’s hard for me to read without my son reaching for my books “read” himself or play with. I am currently listening to The Whole Brain Child by Daniel J. Siegal and Tina Payne Bryson and so far I really like it.  We’ll see, I am not all the way through it but it really is full of interesting information on how the brain works and how we process information as we grow.

Still working on building healthy sleep habits.  We had some great nights and some horrible ones in the past week.  The sad thing is I am getting used to the sleepless nights. When he does sleep a long time I find myself lying awake in bed either wondering if Little J is ok or running through a list of to-dos.

Well that’s us this week. Hope you are having a great week.

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