Today I wanted to share my method for flat-ironing my natural hair.  If you follow my blog then you know I have leaned towards straightening my hair but before I decide I thought I’d have a go at flat ironing my natural hair.  This is something I have done before but not for a long time and certainly not since becoming a mom.  It’s a time-consuming process and noisy. Or so I thought! Little J slept through it.  He enjoyed his nap while I washed, blow-dried and flat ironed.  I wouldn’t flat-iron my hair constantly, but it might be just the break from my signature two braids that I have looked for.  Anyway, let’s get started shall we.

Now I will start by saying, constantly applying heat to your hair is damaging. You’ll want to prepare your hair properly for heat.  For me that starts a week or two earlier with deep conditioning and strengthening treatments.  It also means double checking my supplies for a good heat protectant and my favorite leave in conditioner. Be sure your blow dryer and flat-iron are on a proper temperature for your hair.  Ideally you could skip blow drying your hair, braid it and let it dry reducing the amount of heat you have to use.  I did blow dry though as I was doing this while baby napped and time was of the essence. Once I am properly prepared it is time to begin.

I start with clean hair. I wash with a clarifying shampoo first so that I don’t have a build up of product on my hair.  Once done I condition and use my favorite leave in conditioner.  I am loving Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Style Milk.  I use my heat protectant next.  Yes I do use a heat protectant before flat ironing as well as I just want to be as careful as I can not to damage my hair.  Do what feels right for your hair.




I section my hair and then I take a small section at the back to begin flat ironing. You can spray an entire section and then flat-iron pieces but for me it worked better to spray each piece with heat protectant and then flat-iron.  I pull my flat-iron through a small piece and then run a fine tooth comb behind it and immediately run my flat-iron behind my comb. I believe this is pretty much the chase method and there are a few videos on YouTube explaining how to use it.


Untitled design-2


Once my hair is straight, I apply an oil to my hair to seal in moisture and add shine.  For care and upkeep I did wrap my hair in a silk scarf for the evening. I really like how my hair turned out.  Tomorrow I will post pics of what it looks like curled as I have an evening appointment that curls would be appropriate for.

Till next time.


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