My son was just four months old when I did my first post on my office organization and baby. My office then was a spot for quick diaper changes and feedings and though snacks are still eaten in my office, diaper changes are strictly done in the bathroom.


I do paperwork for my father in law’s clinic and my husband’s storyboard business as well as blog in my office.  I like order and I find I function best and feel more motivated in a relatively clean space. As a mother of a toddler I have accepted a certain level of disarray is going to happen but I combat that by returning my office to a state of order at night. This way I always start off with a clean slate and with a feeling of motivation.

The two drawers that I had given little J at four months have turned into three drawers in a much larger Sterilite Unit and a shelf on one of my bookcases! In the first drawer I put feeding supplies like extra bibs and burp cloths that won’t fit in our full kitchen. My office and the kitchen are on the same floor so it’s easy to grab something from my office when I need it.



The second shelf of little J’s houses his travel supplies.  Our entryway closet is pretty full so again it’s pretty convenient to keep these in my office. I usually have shoes, blankets for his car seat, a change of clothes, a jacket and a diaper bag in here.  The point of this drawer is to make it easy to pack a bag for him on short notice.  I can sit at my desk and reach in this drawer and have a bag packed for him pretty quickly. I don’t always use the same diaper bag so it’s sort of my go to station.



The last drawer is a toy drawer! I keep toys at the bottom so Little J. can easily reach in and pull out his toys to play with and return them to the drawer easily.  I usually let him roam in my office a little but I really watch him because there is just so much he could get into. I want to be careful to protect him from harm when in my office but I want him to have the freedom to explore too.


The office next to mine is my husband’s and we often let Little J explore from one room to the next.


He has been fortunate to receive quite a few books and he loves books. He is also a member of Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. That is a wonderful program that helps get books into the hands of children. We discovered this through our local library but you can find more information on this here.  Little J, gets one new book a month. I also keep a bag on the door between my and my husband’s office for laundry cuz little J can make a mess pretty quick.


I am starting to see green outside my window again despite the lingering cold weather. We had flurries yesterday! Hopefully that’s the last of it though. I am ready for warm weather.



This week Little J made a meow sound! Our cats Loki and Thor are nearly as proud as mommy is! Well that’s all for now. Till next week.

Ps. Still planning to post a hair pic today most likely on the beachtoprairie Facebook page. Be sure to like and check us out there too if you like! Later.

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