Last week was all about the flat-iron as I shared with you my process for wearing my natural hair straight. I was very pleased with the results.  I managed to keep my hair pretty straight for most of the week. I didn’t wear it down very much but my pressed hair was a good change for me.

I am glad I did it as it’s allowed me to really look at the health of my hair. As I pressed it I looked for breakage and thinning spots.  I really need a good trim but I was pleased with how healthy my hair has become since going natural.

This week I am just going to let my hair rest and recover.  I plan to do a deep moisturizer treatment tonight and wearing my hair with as little manipulation as possible for the rest of the week.

I have decided to give another relaxer a go.  My preferred choice is the PhytoSpecific PhytoRelaxer. I used this before way back and loved the results.  It is basically a no lye relaxer so the chemicals used are less harsh than what’s in most relaxers.  It is kind of pricey upfront at $65 from Sephora but you get two relaxers in one package so it makes up the cost.

I worked hard to grow a healthy head of natural hair so this is not a decision taken lightly but I just like to wear my hair straight. This is just my personal preference and I will continue to admire and celebrate those who wear their hair natural. That said I am in no rush to the stylist, I am going to take my time and prepare my hair well for the harsh process of relaxing.  Protein and moisturizing treatments here I come!

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