Today I am thinking about Little J’s hair.  His dad is white with a Norwegian, English, Irish background and I am a Black, Caribbean woman.

My natural hair type is small tight curls. My hair strands aren’t particularly thick but I have a lot of it.

My curl pattern

My husband’s hair is thick, plentiful and rather straight. It has the slightest curve to it when allowed to grow long.


We have been asked when we are thinking of cutting our son’s hair but I really want to wait until I know how it’s really growing.  It’s changed so much since he was born. L.J’s hair was straight and thick at birth.  Now it has much more curl.

He has two curl patterns on his head.  The front of his hair has a bigger looser curl to it.


Wet and Dry


I don’t know if his hair will stay this color or if it will get darker.  I’m thinking it will get darker but boy what a great color. The back of his hair and the sides have a tighter pattern.  This section of his head also seems somewhat dry. I am doing research on products for his hair. Thus the subject of today’s post but I am definitely looking for a good moisturizer for him.


Wet and Dry


Right now I am not using anything really in his hair but when I do I want as natural and gentle a product as I can find.

Till next time

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