Hope all the mothers out there had a wonderful Mother’s Day. Mine was.  I spent it being pampered by my wonderful husband, spending time with our son and catching up with my friends.  It was a fun day and I know how blessed I truly am to have someone call me “mamma.”

Little J is still not walking yet and mommy is trying not to push while still well…pushing the issue.  He will walk around if you hold his hands and he pull himself along furniture.  On Mother’s Day I managed to trick him into taking four steps on his own.  I was thrilled. I know he can do it but most of the time he just doesn’t seem interested. We are working on it and yes I know he still has plenty of time. Mummy just has to have more of that patience she is seeking to teach.

Little J has, in short order, learned to navigate my iPad and iPod screens, find his apps and navigate those too. I do my best to play them with him and teach him what he’s interacting with as he goes.  I am however, getting rid of the Baby First Apps. I I dislike apps that advertise and place pop ups in the middle of gameplay for kids.  This sort of underhanded advertising is rampant in the Baby First Apps.  Disney Junior also has paid upgrades but has a section for parents where you can make purchases and upgrades.  I am far more likely to buy from a company with practices like Disney Junior over the Baby First tactics.  Just putting it out there.

We’ve spent more time reading and I’m even getting some new books as I think he’s read all of his several times.  He’s not as interested in some of his toys but summer is on its way and I’d like him to spend more time outdoors anyway. I’ve been looking for a good natural bug repellent. If I have to I will use off family but if there’s anything all natural out there that works let me know.  I’ve looked into some online but the reviews are so mixed! I have heard good things about tea tree oil so I’m probably going to pick some up and give that a try soon.

It’s still pretty cool here in ND we had a few beautiful days and then just this week cold and even flurries. Hopefully that’s over now.  Lots of birds in the garden.  Saw a Baltimore Oriole. What a beautiful bird!  I always kid with my hubby that I grew up saying “hey there’s a bird! A yellow one!” Josh grew up saying “there’s a Baltimore Oriole.” Here’s a pic for you taken this week.

Baltimore Oriole

Finally, I put up a new sign in my office.  I purchased this at Elaine’s House of Dreams in Lakota, ND if you go looking. She has lots of great signs in.  This is one of my two favorites but I had to choose so here it is.



Hope you are all having a wonderful week. 🙂

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