First the weigh in. I still weigh 180 lb.(s).

I discovered a great cardio workout on YouTube this week by Fitness Blender.  They have free workouts on their website and I really enjoyed their Total Body Toning Low Impact Cardio workout. I loved the narrator’s voice and found him clear and easy to understand. I joined their site and plan to mix them in with my TIU workout regimen. Not that I have actually started a regimen yet.

This weeks goal is to workout at least three days this week as I didn’t meet that goal last week and find an answer to the very important question; what motivates me to workout?

Knowing that the workout is going to make me healthy. Not working. Guilt. Not working. Public humiliation, apparently doesn’t phase me. What motivates me? What is going to get me up and moving after a day of work, baby and feeling generally exhausted all the time? I know how achieving my goal would improve my life and still I am struggling to get to it. I feel almost like I am purposefully avoiding the issue at this point. Self sabotage. I am a smart girl though and I will find a way to get over this hurdle. As usual I’ll fill you in on what I discover. I can only fail so many times. At some point my brain is going to get that this is important to me and get on the band wagon! Right?!

This is just how I’m doing right now…hope for better next week. Till then 🙂

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