Just a quick update today as Little J, who missed his nap today is sort being both super loving and super wicked at the moment. I just had to take a mini break, clean up everything around me and have a dance break and now I am back. (A definite stress reliever) Ever have those days? You know where you just have to stop and dance!

We were busy at work this week and I was grateful for a quiet Memorial Day Weekend.  Hope your Memorial Day was a good one filled with fond memories and loved ones. Our observance of the day was quiet.  We enjoyed each other’s company and had a good meal. Speaking of meals…

My husband and I saw a squirrel munching away on this cow skull we’ve had outside for a while. We figure she must be after calcium!

The past few days have been warm and wonderful and we are lucky to still have geese and goslings in our field.


I caught up with family via Skype and have spent most of my time either playing with L.J or reading. So I guess it’s really been a quiet week. Nothing much to report today. I’m off for a good cup of coffee and a slice of this delicious peach pie my mother-in-law Caroline made. Yum!


Till next time…  you all

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