This was actually a great week. I can really see the growth in our one.  For one he’s grown! Josh and I are fairly tall so I would be surprised if Little J wasn’t. He loves to play peek-a-boo with us when we are on the couch watching tv.  He’ll walk behind the couch and peak up at us over the bookcase. This time I looked back to see him and I was surprised that I was now looking right at him!  Also now that he’s started walking he hasn’t stopped. Josh and I really know how out of shape we are just from running around after him. There’s good motivation to get fitter.

Little J has really taken to this iPad game I got called Bible for Kids. I know that the message of the game may not reach him yet but I am still glad I found it. Eventually he’ll start to understand what’s going on beyond the amusing images and we’ll be there to guide him. Until then he just thinks this is the funniest game ever!

Now that he’s moving around more our attention has shifted to his language skills.  He’s becoming slightly more vocal but doesn’t always use his words.  He makes this guttural screech sound that I can’t say is my favorite when he wants things.  This week I did notice  a bit more chatter though which is encouraging.  He’s not around other kids much – just mom, dad and his grandparents really – and I am sure that has some effect on his speech.  He does understand what we are saying. At times though, he seems to practice selective hearing, especially when the word he’s hearing is No!

As I mentioned, Little J hasn’t spent that much time with other kids so I was so thrilled when he got to attend the birthday party of our god-daughter this week. We celebrated her 1st birthday and they got along splendidly! We were very pleased. I think kids learn a lot from just being around other kids and I am sure Little J got more vocal after hearing our god-daughter vocalize.  She has older brothers and is very good with her words. I get that kids develop at different rates and these two kids are both growing well.

Our other outing this week was graduation and we attended a graduation party this week for a lovely young woman with great potential and a good head on her shoulders.  Congrats to all the Lakota Graduates! Well Done.

More changes! At the beginning of the year I promised changes coming to this blog and I am working very hard to refine the blog and as I learn more I do my best to bring better and better content to you. That said.  Mommy and Little J  Weekly blogs are moving to Mondays and I am working to bring a bit more of my childhood home Barbados into my blogs.  Bare with me and hopefully you will enjoy the journey as well as this blog’s eventual destination!

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