Little J is growing so well walking around and chattering a lot more.  The excerpt below is from my husband’s Facebook post because he put so eloquently, just how amused we were by Little J’s development this week. LOL!

Today my 14 month old son started to wring his hands together. I was absolutely delighted! Yes! My son is an evil genius! Then my wife and I got him ready for bed and he started to mimic her putting lotion on her hands. …..damn.

We have also been trying to teach him to use baby sign language and this week he used the sign for more. We were pretty thrilled.

I had a few days in a row off this week and I made the best of them getting my filing cabinet in order.  I really went to town and found a way to do it without our little one getting too “helpful” in the process.


My desk as I sort my files. Sorted in batches so I wouldn’t get overwhelmed. This also helped if our son needed something and I had to stop and quickly shift into mommy mode.


Filing Cabinet Sorted.

Finally got done getting everything into the right file. Later this month I want to go through the individual files and sort each. I did a good job first pass but I think I can still purge some paper.

It’s June in Nelson County, North Dakota and that means it is time for the Nelson County Arts Council’s Pekin Days Art Show. I used to serve on this council’s board and I fell in love with this event.  I learned so much as a board member. At some point I will post on that experience and the art show.  I am working on the booklet for the show.  It’s a challenge every year to get it organized but it is such a blast and appeals to my need for beauty and order.

The house is busy with artists creating. I am not putting anything in the show this year.  I really wanted to but just couldn’t get it together with everything I on my plate, but Josh is working on sculptures for the show.

For more on Josh’s Pekin Days Art show Pieces and to watch as they progress visit his page here.


…. And with that I’m off to work guys.  Probably won’t post again this week so till next week.


Till then have a wonderful week.

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