Trivia: Father’s Day has been in existence in the United States as a national holiday since 1972.

Happy Fathers Day to all of you wonderful fathers and father figures out there.

A personal reflection on Father’s Day.


I am lucky to have men in my life worthy of my admiration and respect.  They are not necessarily alike in many ways, but in the way that matters most they are the same.  They are capable of giving and receiving love in healthy ways.

As my son grows, one of the things I hope that he learns over time and with experience is how to show love in a healthy way. I want him to learn how to uplift another person without feeling like he is losing a part of himself. He should stand up for himself and his beliefs without degrading or tearing the other person down in any way. I want him to learn to love unconditionally as my father and my father in law have done for myself and my husband. It doesn’t mean that you always understand or condone the choices made but simply that you love them through it.

There are many things I’d want my son to know and I really honestly believe he can learn them from both of his grandfathers and his dad. So how lucky am I to have these men in my life and in my son’s life.

Dedication, honesty, repentance, kindness, love. Strength.  What a lovely way to welcome the Summer! Celebrating the loved ones in our lives.


Here’s hoping for nicer weather this summer!  Seize every opportunity and have a blast this summer!

Till Later 😉


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