While Josh was busy working on his sculptures for the Pekin Days Art Show, I worked on their booklet, got my files in order and reorganized our bathroom storage.  Once the artwork was delivered and the booklet complete things really got much quieter around here.

With time on my hands I found I had a hankering for Bajan Bakes and couldn’t resist frying up a batch.  That was a treat. I am definitely planning to post this recipe soon.

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Peonies are one of my favorite flowers. They are a gorgeous and the smell enchanting. They are perfect for cutting and when you bring them in, the smell fills the room. The sight of the peony is certainly welcome after all this wet and windy tornado weather. Water is obviously usually good for the crops in our fields but I hope it’s not too much. It is farming season here and we enjoy watching all the big farming equipment and tractors working.  Everything is planted and growing and the landscape is green and full of life once more. One of my favorite things is watching the wind moving over the fields causing them to sway like waves in the ocean.

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Father’s Day was a nice way to end this week and a great way to start the next. Josh and Little J spent the morning playing on the floor and enjoying each other’s company.  Little J has a new chair. Another that has been in the family for a while.  He seemed to take to this one too, though truth be told, he’d rather walk around than sit in a chair at all.  As for me, I was pretty pleased this week to get my PopSugar box and I start my new novel, ‘In the Unlikely Event’ by Judy Blume.

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So that’s what we’ve been up to this week. What’s been happening in your lives? Drop a line and let me know.  Love! Love, the conversations we’ve had.  You’ve been sending email and I truly appreciate all the feedback and chats.  It’s what makes this so much fun.  Till next time…



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