Chatter! That would be the word of the week! Our Little J has been chattering away this week. He’s started making sentence sounds and even arguing. He hasn’t really added any new words yet but he definitely understands a lot of what we say. I can’t wait until his language skills expand and I can better understand what he’s thinking. I’m so curious and eager to know him.

When I returned from work one evening earlier this week I was greeted with a surprise from my husband. “Here, look at these,” he insisted as he handed me the camera.  I switched it on and was delighted by pictures of Little J and the blanket he refused to be parted with for hours that day.  He was roaming around with it like Superman in his cape.  So adorable.


We attended the Pekin Days Art Show in Pekin, ND this past week. Josh went to the opening day reception for artists. I have attended in the past but not since having our little one.  It’s a great event but crowded and not really appropriate for Little J. I stayed home and took care of L.J.  We were able to attend the show as a family on the weekend. We went both on Saturday and Sunday.  Saturday was my favorite day there as Little J had the opportunity to play with a little girl in the park. It was so cute but I have to note that Little J didn’t always play nice and received the cold shoulder once or twice from the little girl.  Good girl. I am afraid L.J. doesn’t interact with enough children and he kind of needs to be more gentle when he plays. Mom and dad will have to make a greater effort to get him around other kids.

On Sunday we got a chance to play together in the park.


The rest of the week was busy with work, home care and website management. I have been working on the look of this site to make a better experience for all who come to visit. Also I usually post in such a haste, grammar often gets lost in the shuffle so I made time this week to improve some of the previous blog posts. I hope they are perfect but I am not so if you notice anything and wonder if it should be brought to my attention, please do. I take criticism. Bring it on. Just try to be kind about it and all will be well.  An effort will be made to get it right the first time as I proceed.

Other tidbits from our lives:

Little J had a good time on the swings this week with mom and dad.

I realized my 4a/4b hair was more likely 4b/4c hair type. I decided to hold off straightening it for a few more months adjust my routine and see if I think I can handle it better.

Little J got his library card! So cool – I must say I love all the little things that prove he exists. They just make me smile.

And finally I have really sucked at the whole diet workout thing. I honestly stopped caring for a while there but I am trying in earnest again. That said I’ll lay off the updates till I prove to myself first I can do it. Then it will be a more fun experience for all of us.

We hope you had a wonderful Fourth of July weekend. Till next time.


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