Little J has been a daddy’s boy the past couple of weeks. I think he’s got us figured out. He knows dad is the fun one. Mom is comforting. He’s grown so much and is constantly adding more sounds to his vocalizations. We could almost swear we hear new words but they aren’t clear enough to say for sure. He’s got plenty of time yet.

One thing that we did notice this week was Little J’s growing frustration with sorting shapes.  He really loves to read and he navigates my iPad better than I. He knows his circle and star shapes and where they go but then he just wanted to play with those two. This week though grandma did a wonderful job working with him. Grandma Caroline is an educator by profession and she’s a very caring person. I learn a lot from watching how she interacts with him.

In baby news of a different sort we have a Doe and twin Fawns running around our yard.  They were just so cute we had to snap a few pics for you.






Rain, Thunder, Lightning and Humidity have ruled the past two weeks here.  It makes you want to curl up with some hot chocolate, your favorite blanket and a good book and never ever move. The rain held off long enough for a good turn out at the North Valley Art Council’s Art and Wine walk last week. Josh had a wonderful time and some good sales. It was his first experience with this event and he will likely be working at this event again in the future.  To keep up to date with what Josh has going on you can always visit his blog.  I will try to keep you updated here also but if you are looking for his popular Troll series we have some available now in our Etsy store.

Storm Rolling in

Fortunately all that rain also helped me focus in and get to really designing this website.  It’s been just about a year since I started blogging and the old design really needed an update. I hope you like the new look of the site.  More changes are coming but they will not likely be as drastic.

Other tidbits from our lives this week:

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