For a long time I’ve wanted to update the cover of my Franklin Planner and earlier this year I got the opportunity to do just that. My old Franklin Covey 365 binder of simulated leather served me well for a long time. It was a simple black cover in their classic size which fit paper size 5.5″x8.5″.

My old planner cover

My old planner cover

My planner had a front pocket that I often used to quickly slip information into. I liked the zip closure as it protected my papers from spills in my bag and it stopped items from getting lost in my bag. The inner pocket of this planner consisted of a long side pocket and many card slots. I never really found a true use for these and they often remained empty.  This cover only had one pen slot. It was certainly sturdy planner that took a lot of abuse and still looked pretty good when it was all said and done.  It is no longer available on the Franklin Planner website but it could be found on eBay at very reasonable prices. It would make a good starter planner if you are just thinking of getting a planner but aren’t sure how much you’d use it.

Inner front pocket of my old planner

Inner front pocket of my old planner

I filled this planner cover with Franklin Planner, Classic planner pages in the Playlist Style . I ordered the two page per day layout.

My Playlist Style Pages. Daily two page layout, in the classic size.

This year I upgraded.


My new planner and cover

I chose the Franklin Planner Giada Binder in the classic style. I love the pebble Italian leather of this binder.  It really feels great. My binder has a blemish or two, attributed to the binder being made of a natural leather. All in all, I am really pleased with this buy. The classic size binder is big for my handbag but it fits. It certainly takes up room though. When I do travel with it which certainly isn’t everytime I go out, I love that I don’t then also have to take my purse. This allows for cards cash and space for your checkbook.


The ring size on my binder is 0.75 which is quite a bit smaller than it is was on my old planner so I opted for a week on two pages layout instead. This decision has honestly left me a bit torn. I miss the space the day on two pages gave me for note taking. Then again I didn’t use that space everyday and it was a waste of paper.


This planner has two pen loops and space in the back for a notepad. I loved this planner too much to worry about the fact that it isn’t a zip up planner and I’m glad that I didn’t let that bother me.  I must be more responsible than I think because so far I haven’t had much to worry about in terms of keeping it clean. I  am thrilled actually that it is so easy to get in and out of.

If you are looking for a planner to help you keep organized this may just be the one for you.  Check out the Franklin Planner website as they have so many to choose from.  The Giada binder comes in three sizes and four colors, though the green is only available in the pocket-size now. It’s currently available on the Franklin Planner website for PRICE: $149.95.  Planner pages are sold separately.

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