Josh has been incredibly busy of late and the upcoming fall season has meant I have also been busy at work. We both made an extra effort to be sure to take Little J out for walks this week for quality time with us. It made for good breaks from stressful days. Little J loves his walks also and will now go get his shoes and go to the door excitedly.  When he’s done he’ll march his way right back to the deck.  It was on one of these walks we captured this beautiful sunset.


Later this week Josh also was able to get a pic of this velvety buck.



Little J has become far more vocal of late an he’s been hitting pitch levels that I didn’t know existed. His likes and dislikes are no longer as much of a mystery as he makes sure you know how he feels about things.  He’s an independent child for the most part but at night it’s all about mom. For a while he had developed great sleep habits. He enjoyed his night-time routine and went right to bed. He’d wake up around 7:30 am and we had little to complain about. Recently though he’s up in the middle of the night and refuses to sleep unless mom or dad sleep with him. It’s been more mom than dad and both parents are desperately trying to find our way back to our previous healthier sleep routine.

Little J has his upper and lower molars coming in but they don’t seem to bother too much in the day. We think this may have something to do with it. I’m accepting that I am lucky anytime he does sleep through the night on his own. We are working on it. Once we have a plan I’ll be sure to share that with you.



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