Little J is now 18 months! Yay! He is definitely an active child and he really enjoys being out doors, playing on the couch, jumping on the bed and reading. This week his grandma gifted him a tent along with a Curious George Goes Camping book which he has just started to explore. I look forward to him getting more comfortable with it as I can see lots of fun in his future.

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His speech is a bit behind and were getting a bit of help bringing him up to snuff but he definitely understands what we are saying and he does say a few words when he feels like it.  He’s just not very consistently. Little J still hasn’t decided if he’s right or left-handed yet either. Still lots to look forward to.

We have enjoyed the late summer weather and L.J has been exploring frogs, crickets and salamanders found in the window wells around the house.  He’s also taken notice of the birds and deer around too. It’s been so much fun watching his knowledge of the world expand.  He loves throwing the ball around with dad and is still a huge fan of our devices. Though he’s a good about naps, consistently napping about an hour and a half a day, he’s not great about sleeping through the night on his own. Thinking it’s time to switch him to a toddler bed.

Dad and I have been busy with work and as the fall gets ever nearer in we’ll be even busier so I am taking refuge in things I love in my down time and putting more love into my routines.  I am working on creating short but extremely indulgent morning routines and evening routines and squeezing the most out of my day. Life is to be lived to the fullest. I really didn’t have any real routines before but establishing them for my son has helped me begin to see the real value in establishing them for myself. Plus it’s fun.


It’s also time to get rid of this extra weight I’ve carried around.  I’ve tried before. You were there for that – it went nowhere. I am human and imperfect. Forgive me. Let’s try again. Shall we. I’ve decided to do the Tone It Up Charity Challenge. What a great idea.  Getting in shape and supporting a charity I care about. Yes! I’m in.

That’s it guys.


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