It’s Fall! The leaves are changing, the mornings are darker and the weather is cooler. I’ve put away some of my summer clothing and pulled out some light sweaters. Though we didn’t travel this year we really had a fun summer and I am looking forward to the fall and winter months ahead. I didn’t grow up with seasons but I have come to really love them. Each change of the season brings with it such hope and expectation.  The earth is renewed and I am along with it.

We have been outdoors a bit this week and Josh has made extra good use of his camera.  He got some great shots and I’ll share a few with you.




I have thought twice though about going on walks as a mountain loin was struck by a vehicle not so from our area. Mountain lions aren’t usual in our area though they have been a few unsubstantiated claims. This particular incident left no room for debate however, so it was definitely sobering.

The Moon

Josh took some cool pics of the moon this week.

We had our 18 month check up and Little J is growing nicely.  He’s 2′ 9″ and falls in the 87% percentile for his height! He weighs 28 lb. and like his parents he’ll likely grow quite tall. He’s still working on saying new words and he’s becoming even more attentive to people and things around him.  He’s got quite a few books he loves to read. He’s so much fun to play with and I marvel at his growth each and every day.

Watching Jen’s Youtube channel PrettyNeatLiving

It’s hunting season here and Josh and his dad Boyd have been out hunting ducks and geese. I definitely didn’t grow up hunting but it’s been tradition my Josh’s family for many years.  Hunts usually result in excellent meals and I really enjoy the flavor of wild goose and duck.  Josh got some great pictures on his first outing this year. Not to worry pics of kills aren’t my thing and won’t be shown here.

The Hunters

The Hen

The Hen

Finally, the eclipse last night was beautiful. Didn’t see it? Here are some pics Josh took for you to enjoy.






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