Wow! I missed you! I missed sharing with you all so much. It’s been incredibly busy here but we won’t dwell in the land of life’s explanations instead let’s just pick up where we left off. It’s Fall and frankly I’m enjoying it even more than summer. Little J and I have spent lots of time outside playing in the many leaves on our lawn.


In my last post I’d mentioned how much I love the seasons. It’s the change from one season to another that still holds a certain magic for me. A feeling hope perhaps. We don’t much decorate for the seasons here at the Beach to Prairie home. I think of it maybe summer gets the most attention though not indoors so much as out. Outdoor ornaments for the garden mainly make their way into the household for the summer. The next and the biggest decorating time at our home is Christmas. Maybe next year I will put some thought into doing something festive in the home at the change of each season. As Little J grows I imagine seasonal decorating would be kind of fun.


Little J has had his last immunizations until he reaches age four.  You wouldn’t believe what a brave boy he is.  He has almost never really fussed over getting his shots.  He gets a bit upset when he receives them and then just a few minutes later and for the rest of the day…. nothing! I am sure that could change as he grows but Dad and I were pretty happy our little one was dealing with it so well.

Little J has been working on his speech and reading. He loves books just as much as he loves the iPad or Mickey Mouse! This is something I hope he always loves. It is not unusual for me to do dishes and look back to find him standing behind me asking me to read with him.

I always thought having kids so late in our marriage would mean we’d have worked all of our “stuff” out and thus be fully emotionally ready to raise a little being. To a point this is true. We know each other so well with most of our “stuff” out of the way and we seamlessly work as a team to help Little J. That said there have also been things that I noticed we resist to change. We are such a T.V. couple my husband and I. We don’t go out much. We aren’t big drinkers and tend to love our personal projects, going to the movies and going to a restaurant now and then.  We are fairly quiet and a bit closed off my most standards. Not that we mean to be. It’s just a sort of a comfortable thing we’ve got going. Little J spends most of his time with mom and dad as he’s not yet in daycare, because of this, I made more of a point of eating meals as a family – completely unplugged – no devices or distractions. This has helped us as a family. Little J has been far more engaged with us since and it has made me wonder what other ways we might need to change and grow to give our son the best of us?

We spent some time with family earlier this month and just caught up. I don’t have any family members here in North Dakota from my side of the family but the warmth of Josh’s family on both his mom and dad’s side is enough to let me know I am loved.  They very much make me feel like a part of their lives and loves and that is reassuring to say the least.


We always like to share a bit of the nature we enjoy seeing in our neck of the woods.  A rare sighting for Josh and I at least was a Magpie on the lawn. I never was much of a bird watcher before I moved here but now I do enjoy the variety of birds and wild life around me. We didn’t expect such a blue color on its wings.


Finally, I’ll just leave you with a few pics of Josh’s most recent home projects.  Several years ago Josh painted a mural on the grain silo at the house and he spent some time this week giving it a much-needed facelift.


IMG_2818 (1)

Staining and sealing some of the statues on the property including this viking that welcomes you in on the deck.


So that’s what every one has been up to. But what about me you ask?


Well I have been incredibly busy at my day job. The holidays are the busiest time with event after event coming up. Not to worry though I am not giving up the blogging! It might just be a bit less to schedule for a while but not so long in-between post next time. 😉

That’s it for now. Hope you are enjoying your fall. Do you decorate for the seasons? Share if you do 🙂




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