November is here! Little J and mommy are taking advantage of these nicer days when we can and still going for brisk walks outdoors.

We took L.J out trick or treating! This was Little J’s second Halloween and first trick or treat.  Growing up in Barbados our family really didn’t celebrate Halloween.  There are some who do on the island but it’s certainly not a part of our culture the way it is here in the United States. I had been to a few Halloween parties especially in college but I’d never really trick or treated so to speak. I let Josh guide me as to the dos and don’ts.  I didn’t know how much candy to take at each home, taking two pieces at a one stop until Josh corrected me letting me know it was one piece at each home but he assured me it was not a large offense. Now I know. We only went to three homes as Little J is just 19 months. How much candy does he need? Certainly not much.  He had a pretty good haul in the end and mom and dad ate the things inappropriate for his age group. He had enough candy to last him through christmas. We certainly are thankful for the hospitality and kindness of the people at the homes we did stop at.  We rather enjoyed the holiday.

November is a busy time of year here as they are lots of Sagittarians in this family and much to celebrate along with the holidays.  Aside from this it’s the month of Independence in Barbados as well.  Barbados was a colony of Britain until we attained independence in 1966. I will celebrating along with all my Bajan family and friends even from way up here in North Dakota.

I’m looking forward to enjoying the month and in the spirit of Thanksgiving I will be keeping a daily list of all the things I am grateful for.  The practice of keeping a gratitude journal is something I attempt every year but don’t always complete. I will make an extra effort this month however.  Today I am most grateful for a bit of extra funds for the week, good books on parenting, (seriously loving it at the moment), my husband being a good sport and my son sleeping in his own bed last night (hope we can repeat that tonight too!).  What are you most looking forward to this November?

Happened to see this guy on one of our walks.  Wonder what he makes of us?





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