It has been entirely too long since my last post and for that I sincerely apologize. Now let’s catch up. Life really got busy here as I suspected it would in November. We were far busier at work especially.  November was incredibly fun though due to unusually warm temperatures and a distinct lack of snow! I enjoy the snowfall especially in its first few months but the lack of it meant easier travel and warmer fall walks. It was a blessing that kept on giving through the first week of December.

Fun Fall 2015-2

Today though it is a different matter.


It was about 20 degrees outside and we have had at least 5-6 inches of snow already just today.

Snowy Day Today

It’s a beautiful snowfall. The trees which were already quite frosty are now laden with snow.  Everything around us looks like a christmas postcard.


Inside we are staying warm.  The heat is on and I am sitting all snuggled in a favorite blanket.

The feeling of Christmas was so striking to me this morning I let Little J watch Disney Sing Along Christmas Songs 1988 with his breakfast. It feels like a day for old movies, hot chocolate and gingerbread … maybe S’mores too. I know they are a camping food but I love S’mores in winter and have even made them in our fireplace, though making them in the oven is the easiest and least messy option.

The power went out a little last night so I also spent the morning making dinner for Alex that he could enjoy without heat if need be – a noodle salad with mixed vegetables. I also mixed up some tuna salad that he could have on the side.  He’s still a bit fussy about his proteins sometimes so I chose to keep it separate for now. If the power does stay throughout the day it’ll be chicken and fries for dinner. We have a pretty reliable power company here but I like to be prepared when I can.

Little J is growing so much. We have a great routine now and I have been able to find time to focus on some of my own projects and aspirations. Day after day we find new ways to delight in our son. Just yesterday we found him reading a book out loud, baby babble mostly but working towards words. He was reading one of his favorites Dog Wants to Play: Christine McDonnell and Jeff Mack.


I usually make the sounds of the dog panting, barking and pleading as well as other animal sounds corresponding to its pages. Little J was making those sounds as well as he read. He read it with the same intonations that I use when I read to him. I was amazed. So proud. Now this may be completely normal but my mommy heard just overflowed with love and pride. Daddy’s did too! In fact Josh captured some video to share.

I did finally relax my hair.  I am no longer a natural. I will write a post that further discusses that full of pics of my hair now in a little while. It was not an easy decision. I liked my natural hair and held onto it for as long as I dared. In the end I never had time to really give it the attention it needed. Without that attention the woman in the mirror just didn’t reflect me.

Tidbits and notes:

Nature provided a nice break to the daily grind when visitor we don’t see often stopped by.


The Snowy Owl.

Not Completely usual in North Dakota at all but certainly not a visitor seen often ourselves here.

I am now 35!! I celebrated my birthday right at the end of November. I had a wonderful day thanks to my wonderful family and friends.





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