Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you!

We’ve enjoyed a white Christmas here. Lots of deer around grouped in larger numbers than we’ve seen all year. Redpolls and woodpeckers flit around and as I mentioned in my earlier post Let’s Catch Up I often feel like I’m living in a postcard.

This was Little J’s second Christmas and it was nice as he was a bit more aware of what was going on. We made a bit of an effort to expose him as much as we could to the holiday. L.J got to help with the decorating of the Christmas tree. We have in years past had real Christmas trees.  I love the smell of them and think they are beautiful. Last year and this year however we have opted to forgo the real tree and stick to the two artificial trees we already have.  This actually aided us in decorating with our son. I didn’t have to worry too much about him playing around the tree.  Little J was a good decorator too.  He was sure to place his mega blocks and his ball in the tree. None of them remained there through Christmas though. He had a change of heart. Several.

We did get a chance to head out to the local Christmas parade but weather prevented us from getting a chance to see Santa Claus this year.  A mystery for another year I suppose. Little J enjoyed all his tv specials including a Disney Christmas sing a long and I got a walk down memory lane.  I had a cassette tape as a kid that my Granddad had made me of Disney Characters singing Christmas songs.

We had a somewhat unsuccessful go at decorating cookies with our son. The main problem was none of us liked the icing recipe I used. I am sure it made beautiful decorations but I couldn’t stand how sweet it was.

Christmas Eve was especially fun. We opened some presents on Christmas Eve and Little J was finally able to discover what all the fuss was about with these wrapped packages.  Josh insisted I wrap L.J.’s one gift in a wrapping paper with racing cars on it and he was totally right. L.J. loved it almost as much as his gift! Almost. Santa was very good to him and he received lots of gifts both fun and educational.

All of the gifts were nice but the things I will always remember about this Christmas have little to do with the gifts and everything to do with the people opening them.

How was your holiday? Which do you celebrate? I love hearing about other cultures and traditions. Feel free to share in our comments area below.




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