My goal for the past few days has been to get organized and set things up well enough so my transition from holiday back to the working world would be as smooth as possible. I have been busy all around the house moving from one project to another trying to establish a sense of order around me.


I began with my clothes. I got all the tubs of seasonal clothing out, sorted through them and packed up the items that made the cut.  Those that didn’t were sorted into donate and toss piles. Most of the these things simply either didn’t suit my current style or they simply didn’t fit anymore. I even found a pair of jeans I wore in college when I was a size two. I am definitely not a size two anymore! Sorting through all of this served especially well to remind me that I really need a wardrobe overhaul. Perhaps a summer project?

Bedroom Desk

Once that task was done I moved on the bedroom.  I decided that it all needed to be re- organized and my husband reminded me of just how often I do re-organize it. The reason I often make changes it simple. Something changes in my life and my idea of peace changes. Peace, after all is what I am looking for in my room.  In my opinion a bedroom should be a seductive, calm, comfortable and organized space. So I got to it. Rearranging furniture, cleaning out closets and bedside tables. It was then onto my bathroom storage and my office desk.

Putting up Christmas Decor

All this cleaning and reorganizing really is hard work so why bother when you just have a few days of vacation left? It seemed to make sense establishing a sense of order at the start of the year. I could just get these few spaces as close to organized as I can manage, life would simply be easier.  It’s amazing how much time is waisted looking for things that aren’t in the right place. As a busy mother I find whenever I can carve out time for myself precious indeed. I certainly don’t want to spend my “me time” searching through drawers or cleaning. All of this has the added bonus of getting me to work, faster, less stressed and less frazzled than usual. Horray!!

My final undertaking this week was the removal of Christmas decorations. This is actually a task that I mostly enjoyed.  The house always looks bigger and feels so much lighter when this particular job is done.  I can put on my music and drift into a quiet meditation as I work.

If you haven’t already headed back to work perhaps this is something you might give a try. Or perhaps you already do this or a version of it in your own home. If you do please share and leave a comment below. I love hearing form you.


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