Little J is two! Well, he became 2 yrs of age in March and I’m just getting around to sharing now but such is life. We are so proud of our little one. We had his Well Check appointment soon after and he’s doing really well. Little J is 3′ O.81″ and weighs in at 35 lb. Falling in the 97.54% for height means he’s tall like his parents.


Going clockwise: Little J enjoying his cake, Cheesecake with chocolate ganache and sprinkles birthday cake, playing with birthday toys, painting for his collection from artist and grandpa Dr.Boyd Hagen, our cat Thor sleeping in the Amazon Delivery bag, reading his new book.

Little J is had a lot of fun on his special day. We were lucky to have a really nice weather for his birthday and we made time for outdoor fun.  It was a quiet family celebration at home with his grandparents here in the United States. His other grandparents (my parents) were able to Skype with him from Barbados. He wasn’t as overwhelmed by it all as he had been the previous year. This time he had a more clear idea of what was going on and didn’t mind as much being the center of attention.  He certainly didn’t mind all of his new toys and books. I’m sure you’ll see all his stuff in future toy reviews and top ten lists. Now we are in the terrible-two phase which hasn’t been that bad yet. Little J is even sleeping better again!

We want sleep but it’s far more important that Little J get enough sleep to aid in his growth and development. To be considered well rested Little J at age two needs 11 hours of sleep a day. He’s pretty close now. He sleeps at 8pm and tends to rise between 6 and 7am.  He’s not really napping anymore (not for lack of us trying) so that means he’s usually getting 10 of the 11 hours of sleep he needs. Some nights a bit less if sleep is intermittent. Too much of that night waking is not good so I’m glad we’ve got a method of handling it. I now answer the door for legitimate waking concerns but he’s just having trouble sleeping I don’t answer anymore and he just makes his way back to bed. Knowing my son and seeing him on the baby monitor helps me discern his true needs. If I don’t teach him now how to sleep well, I’m afraid it will be harder to teach him later.


Little J reading his new Easter book from Grandma, the only pic of Little J and easter eggs this year lol!

We had a wonderful Easter. We died eggs, had an Easter egg hunt and Little J had his first chocolate Easter Bunny. I couldn’t get him to eat a jelly bean for love or money though so I ate them instead. It was a good day made better when a neighbor came by to let us know their were lots of Bald Eagles on a nearby pond. (Thanks to our neighbor!) It didn’t take long for us to head out for a drive.


Apparently it’s not unusual to see Eagles around this particular body of water. People have seen large numbers of them there. I will certainly drive by more often to see them. What a magnificent sight!


Hope you had a great Easter. I’ll be posting more soon.


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