It’s been way too long so let’s get caught up. After Mother’s day life just became so incredibly busy as lots of spring and summer activities commenced.

Little J is doing well and finding his voice.  He’s still a bit behind with his word development but he’s definitely connecting and communicating more.  He’s started reciting his alphabet and is having a blast learning to write and read his name. He’s developed a great sense of humor and loves music.  His musical fascination at the moment is Bugs Band on Hulu.  I often hear him singing tunes from this show as he plays around the house.



Little J got to help plant the garden. I love that he’s getting this experience right from the start. He doesn’t spend a ton of time out in the garden or anything but just enough to peek his interest. Later, when we harvest, he’ll know where his food comes from and I hope begin to develop a healthy relationship with food. That’s the theory anyway.


We’ve planted bell and jalapeño peppers, carrots, radishes, lettuce, potatoes, sweet potatoes, beets, peas, pumpkin, cucumber, zucchini, buttercup squash, corn and herbs.  The chives, raspberries and rhubarb come back every year.  We also have Malva sylvestris ‘Braveheart’, sunflowers, day-lilies and roses returning.  The garden is far from picture perfect at the moment. Most of it is overgrown but as busy parents we are just happy we got it planted at all. We will make it pretty later if time permits. I planted three plants, little J two. Josh has done all the rest of it himself.

People always assume the deer are our biggest pests but so far I can’t ever recall seeing one in our garden perhaps because of our tall fence. The biggest crop eater we’ve noticed is gophers. Josh’s office faces the garden and he can often be heard yelling at the gophers eating the young plants. They have devoured my kale and our broccoli.


We have been lucky so far in the garden weather wise. The day before father’s Day we had a pretty destructive storm in the area but luckily we didn’t lose many garden plants. The storm did however topple some of the trees in our driveway.  One did damage to one of the sheds too.

Father’s Day was one of my favorite days this year for so many reasons. First off. Josh is such a great dad! He really loves little J so much and it shows in every interaction.


Father’s Day was also family reunion day! We had such a great time seeing family members we don’t see often enough, learning family history and sharing a meal together. My favorite however was watching all our kids play together. My own family is so far away I can’t tell you how nice I think it is to get the family together. They just make me happy.


About the same time the Pekin Day Art Show was upon us and we had to get our artwork in.  In another post I’ll talk about this year’s amazing show but for now I’ll just let you know I did actually finish my piece for the show.  It’s a painting of a little boy (not little J) playing peek-a-boo. I wanted to quit this piece so many times but that’s the process of art I suppose. I was happy with the result and I’m so proud to have it in the show along so many talented artists.


Next Post will be about the art show, for now though, it’s been great catching up with you and I hope you have a wonderful summer.


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