The Pekin Days Art Show is a juried art show held in Pekin ND during the month of June. It usually starts on a Wednesday and runs through Sunday morning.  This year it began on June 23rd and ended June 26th. It’s held in Conjunction with “Pekin Days” which ran from June 25th through June 26th.

We had such a good time at the art show this year.  I didn’t attend the Artists’ Reception as I worked that morning and just wanted to hang out with our son that evening but Josh did attend. We headed out to the show together that Saturday as I was to judge the sidewalk arts competition. It was a beautiful day for the show. It seems it rains every year but this year the weather was great!  Saturday was warm and sunny albeit a bit windy.

The artwork seems to improve every year and this year was one of the best showings yet.  The talent of the artists in the show is astounding.  All of the artwork in the show was for sale so it’s the perfect place for art collectors in the area.  I didn’t sell my piece and have instead given it to my son for his room. However my husband and father-in-law Boyd Hagen both sold artwork this year. My mother-in-law Caroline who also had work in the show didn’t sell it there. We will have some new available pieces soon on in our Etsy store.

When you attend a show like this yearly you get to know the people, the artist, attendees and you end up feeling like once a year you are actually attending a family reunion of sorts.  It also then stands out when you see new vendors and artist in the show and boy is it nice to have them.

This year I enjoyed watching the youth in the area create art on the sidewalk.  The sidewalk arts competition was open to adults as well and hopefully if it’s repeated in years to come we’ll have more adult participation.  This year the younger generation dominated the squares.  I judged in two age ranges and was very impressed not only by those who took home ribbons but by all the participants.  What a fun way to foster young artists.

The Pekin Days Art Show on the events held by the Nelson County Arts Council. For more information on the show or to see official pictures of the art show and learn about the artist in the show please visit the Nelson County Arts Council’s Website here or their Facebook page here.

Tomorrow is July 4th Independence Day here in the USA.  After attending community events like this one I am reminded of the truest nature of America. America to me will always be communities and events like this one, people coming together, simply engaging in the pursuit of happiness. Happy Independence Day to you all. Happy 4th of July!


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