Summer is almost over! It is September already, kids are in school and the stores are promoting Halloween. Craziness right? Well since August flew by I’ll fill you in on exactly what has happened here in the Beach to Prairie home.

Though I’m still working part-time but more hours and at two different jobs, so you could say I’ve been busy. For a while I thought there was no way I could keep up the blog along with everything else but I love it too much to give it up. You, my wonderful friends who follow the blog, have always been kind about my blogging schedule. I am grateful for you all.

Little J is growing well. He’s started daycare and really seems to enjoy it. I’ve mentioned before Little J is late talker but he’s really making great progress and he’s excelling in other areas especially writing and puzzles. Still I can’t wait to hear what is going on in his mind. Perhaps now he’s in daycare and socializing more his social skills and language skills will really take off. He got his first cold and is a bit of a drippy mess at the moment but he’s been in good spirits since his fever broke. I got his cold of course. Isn’t that how it works lol.


Deep Thoughts By Josh

Josh completed a sculpting project for one a client and then went head first into the launch of a fun side project of his own.  He’s launched his own Etsy Store selling digital art with a sense of humor. Items you can print, frame and hang immediately. No Shipping worries! I’m super proud of all the work he’s done… and there’s more to come! He’s of course still storyboarding and sculpting but this is more of personal ideas and humor he’s sharing.

I’m really looking forward to fall. Halloween is my husband’s favorite holiday -(Christmas is mine). We’ve got lots of birthdays in November and early December and of course there’s thanksgiving. So much to look forward to. First of all I hope you enjoy your Labor Day weekend.



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