October was not my favorite month this year. Monsters and ghouls were not the scariest things in our month – that honor goes to tonsillitis, sinuses and colds. Our entire household is still a bit of a sniffling chorus. Thankfully we all seem on the road to recovery but too many days of October were fights to stay alert and functioning rather than seizing the day. Somehow though we did manage to get things done. Today I’ll share some of the more interesting tidbits of our lives from the past month.

One of my favorite things about country living here in North Dakota is never knowing what I’ll be witness to when I look out my window during the day. Since moving here I’ve seen so many beautiful creatures and I’ve learned a lot more about what’s around me. I always joke with my husband Josh that before I met him a bird was just a bird… oh look the pretty blue bird or pretty white bird. Now I say things like “Oh look there’s a Downy Woodpecker!”. Change is good.


Animals we’ve seen around the house and garden.

But sometimes too much of a good thing isn’t a good thing. Last month we had three brazen coyotes roaming in our yard too close to the house for comfort. They hung around the house for weeks but thankfully, I’ve seen less of them recently. I know they’d be unlikely to go after people but I still didn’t feel comfortable spending too much time outdoors with my son.


Coyotes playing in the yard.


This recent visitor was more welcomed. It’s deer hunting season here so hopefully he makes it through.


Buck. A welcome guest!

Little J is growing very well. He had a difficult October due to tonsillitis but is now back to himself. Only a runny nose to deal with. That happens I suppose when in larger groups of lots of children. Little J has started daycare and I’m thrilled. As a late speaker and an only child it’s great for him. He needed to learn to socialize with his peers and I can already see an improvement in both his speech and interactions. Little J loves to write. It’s not something we push him to do but something he just loves exploring. He loves to watch Super Why! and will often write the letters on his little chalk board. Recently he’s been writing words! Pretty cool. He knows a lot but getting him to speak what he knows is a challenge.

Little J

Little J painting, his written word: snow, building with blocks.

Little J was superman for Halloween this year and had a blast at the local Halloween Carnival.


Halloween Carnival fun with mom and dad.

On Halloween night we dressed him up, got him into the truck and drove to town but realized once we got to the first house – he was asleep. I took him out of the car hoping the cool air would wake him but he didn’t blink. So Josh got him a single piece of candy, packed him back in the truck and we drove home. It was pretty cute. Not to worry he had lots of candy at home anyway.

Halloween Night

Halloween? Too tired! No trick or treating for Little J. Even Superman sleeps.

Josh has been busy with work for his stores at Etsy and Society6 in addition to his storyboard and sculpting work. He spent most of the last weeks of October however, recovering from tonsillitis. He’s better now. This year Josh got a nice harvest from the garden and cooked up delicious trays of veggies. We never did make it pretty (just too busy) but it was a productive pursuit anyway.

What's Josh been up to?

Check out Josh’s stores on Etsy and Society6. Also a quick take of our garden veggies!

Busy is my middle name. Aside from working at the Flower and Gift shop in town and helping my father-in-law’s clinic out with paperwork, I also work part-time at my son’s daycare. I love my work and I also love my play! I’ve been cast in a community play production of Peter Pan and Wendy.

Michelle and Plays

Just me being mom and heading off to play practice! Fun 🙂

It’s a great cast and should be a fun production. I never got tonsillitis but I have had major sinus issues and a horrible never-ending cold. Not fun. It didn’t make for a great month in our household. We are all looking forward to a healthier and happier November.

I really hope you all had a great October and are having an even better November. Vote if you haven’t yet! It’s important and a privilege not everyone gets. We send our love to you all.


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