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Happy Thanksgiving to you all! I’m definitely enjoying my day. I am home not hurried or harried for once. I have nowhere to go and no obligations to fulfill that can’t wait for tomorrow. Yesterday I made carrot cake muffins and this morning an apple pie. They were my contributions to Thanksgiving Dinner. Beyond that I’ve spent time with my son (keeping him out of the kitchen!) and truly counting my blessings. They are many and meaningful. Sit long enough with the question “What am I grateful for?” and you can usually find an answer.

One thing I’m grateful for today is the weather. True it’s overcast and thirty-four degrees out but it’s made for a quiet and a coziness I adore.  The day is so still I don’t think I’ve seen a tree branch sway all day long. My mother in law and husband are in the kitchen making dinner. Josh is doing the Turkey this year and the mashed potatoes. Caroline (my mother in law) is making the sides, salad, cranberry sauce (delicious). My father in law Boyd is watching tv. All is well.

We are all missing family members who are no longer with us. Loved ones who can only be at the table with us in our hearts. We are also missing those too far away to be here but who we are thinking about and wondering how their Thanksgiving Day is going. And I’m thinking of you, wondering what is being served at your table today? Who is joining you and how you celebrate. Whatever the answers to those questions I hope and pray your day is filled with Joy.

That’s all for now guys. Enjoy the Day and tomorrow’s shopping 🙂


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