This December I become a United States Citizen and took my husband’s last name. When we married thirteen years ago my aim was to become an actress so I thought I’d keep my last name. But now I’m a mother, I found I wanted the same last name as my son. When I became a citizen to finally changed my name and became Mrs.Hagen! I’d been a permanent resident for years so there was not a big change to my lifestyle but there is a great sense of belonging that I’m throughly enjoying. I can vote. I can have a say in shaping the country my son grows up in. These are important things to me and I am incredibly proud to be an American.

The judge at our Oath Ceremony encouraged all of us taking the Oath, not to let go of our culture but instead use our unique cultural identities to enrich and contribute to the growth and betterment of the country. I am always going to be that British born, Barbadian girl but I’m making a life here in the United States for my family.

Christmas came upon us quickly. I decorated the house this year, bit by bit, cleaning and transforming one area of the house at a time. That is likely how I’ll tackle taking decorations down too. By Christmas Eve the home looked and felt especially festive and we had a wonderful holiday.

Christmas was a hit. Josh and I got the most joy watching our son open his gifts and looking in awe and great scrutiny at each item.  He was throughly delighted. We all were thrilled with everything received and the giving itself was a blessing. Josh and I spent the afternoon playing with our son and I even made time for a nap. We hope you had a wonderful holiday…whatever way you celebrated.  We wish you all the best for the new year.


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