Filing can be an overwhelming and stressful job if you let it. Taking things a bit at a time works best for me. That might mean a file drawer at a time or splitting the work over several days. Having a clear filing system is a most helpful way to approach the task.  There are many good filing systems out there but the one I use in our home is the freedom filer system.  This filing system is so clearly thought out I never feel the need to relabel every year. I might add a file or move them around but that’s it. If you want to know more about this system I’ve done a post you can read here.

Beginning one small pile at a time I start the sorting process.  Attaching sticky notes to the smaller piles that label what they are eliminates confusion. I don’t attempt to put them away until I’ve completely finished my stack of papers.

What should I keep?

As you organize you might wonder what to keep and what to toss. I like the guides on the IRS website for a tax guide.  For information on other household files I like this publication found at These are just two examples but there are may available on sites like Pinterest. Choose the one that fits your household best. I also shred as much paper as I can to protect my information and families privacy. It’s best to shred paper throughout the year though. If you don’t you might have a large pile to shred on filing day – a tedious mistake I have made more than once.

Filing cabinet labelling

I like colorful file folders and I use them to color code my files. Using all your files in one color is also a visually appealing way to file. Appearance does matter. If you don’t even like looking at your files you will not get any joy in your approach to the task. I used paint sample cards to label my filing cabinet drawer this year. I just needed a break from the usual white labels.

Little J’s art storage

I had some extra space and decided to file my son’s artwork by year. I just kept his best stuff.

Treats will get you through it. Inspired to clean my son’s toy storage and my bulletin board.

When the job is all done you may find yourself in the mood to sort and clean other areas too. I did need a batch of cookies to get me through it all though.

My organized Space feels warm and cozy even if it’s freezing outdoors.

I’m a happy girl. I have finished organizing the major paper areas in my home.  There are just two more areas I want to share with you; my binder storage and my new Franklin Planner system. Look for those in upcoming posts.

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