One of the ways I organize important documents in my office is through binder storage. I first came across the idea watching lots of YouTube videos on home organization. I was a housewife at the time and my daily tasks and major concerns centered around household management. Many of the approaches on YouTube seemed to stem from or merge a daily religious practice but you certainly don’t have to. I have my own spiritual practice that doesn’t involve any of my binders.

I have a highly functioning filing cabinet but it’s across the room while my binders are next to me as I sit at my desk. When I was a housewife I used my binders almost daily. Now I’m working outside the home my binders have more weekly and seasonally use.  Household management is just as important to me now as it was when I was a housewife. Perhaps it’s because I know it’s the key to order in my life… order at home. I speak of my office so much because it’s my personal center. If it’s organized, I’m organized. My binders play a large roll in that.

What Binders do you need?

The binders I use stem from my lifestyle and evolve with it. Before my Home Management binder was the most important to me. Now I’m a mother my Mom Binder is most important as it houses so much of Little J’s information. I’d say if you want to start a binder system first look at what is important in your life.  That will help decide what binder you need.

What goes in my binder ?

Once you have a binder you can then consider what papers will help manage your lifestyle consistently. In my Home Makers Journal are papers that help me organize:

  • My weekly cleaning routines
  • My budget
  • Utility contact information
  • Bill Payment
  • Important family records
  • Contact Information
  • Household inventory
  • First Aid Information
  • Seasonal Cleaning Checklist
  • Seasonal Project Lists
  • Future Planning
  • Magazine Clippings of interest

In my Mom Binder I have:

  • Important Dates
  • Baby Sitter Forms
  • Baby Sitter Information
  • Schedules and Routines
  • Parent Education Sheets ( mostly from when Little J was a baby)
  • Education information
  • Medical Records
  • Tot School Ideas
  • Other general Information
  • In the back Pocket I keep clippings from Parents Magazine I enjoyed

You can come up with the forms yourself if you have time. If you don’t know what forms or papers to start with I would look online for free forms first.  Once you know you like the binder system you can find beautiful forms at various Etsy stores.

I keep a binder for my recipes and Tone it Up lifestyle Information also. The recipe binder and mom binder are the most often used. My Home Makers binder is mostly for reference and to remind myself of seasonal to-dos. Binders make a good compliment to my filing cabinet. It’s not necessary to have both however.  Perhaps storing paper in binders works better for you and you don’t feel the need for a filing cabinet or vice versa.

Esthetics in everything is important.  If it’s attractive to you it’s more likely used. That doesn’t have to equal expensive though. I used simple white Avery Binders and dressed them up with pretty papers and well-printed labels.  I did purchase some beautiful checklist for my binder but only a few. I’ve found lots of quality free ones. Don’t underestimate your own creativity either. Have fun with the process and enjoy.


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