I love my FranklinPlanner. It’s my favorite planner system. The FranklinPlanner I had last year was the larger classic size. I wanted something smaller for the new year.

I recently switched jobs, I’m working more hours and I haven’t got a lot of space for a large bag. What I needed was something sleek and more portable. Apps are a good back up for paper planning but for me nothing beats writing things down. Devices don’t always work but my planner does!

Planner Love 2017

One concern of mine was that the smaller planner would mean less writing space. Then I looked through last years planner…at all the unused paper! I knew then I was going with the smaller compact size planner.

More Traditional Style Franklin Planner

Year after year I get the traditional style planner pages. Or at least what I consider traditional from Franklin Covey. But this year I went with something different. I’m sure the beauty of the pages drew me in first but beauty is little without function. I’d never tried a weekly layout but I felt seeing my entire week would make it easier to plan and stay organized. I was right!

The planning pages.

My new Franklin Planner of Choice

I love that the task list has its own space. I can jot my stream of consciousness down. Then I can rank tasks right away or I can just pick a task I want to do on that particular day. The flexibility is everything.

I’ve experimented with planner stickers and I have come to really enjoy them. Functional stickers are my favorite but I love them all. I do have to take care as it’s just too easy to spend a fortune on stickers. That being said here are just a few of my favorite Sticker Stores:

  1. Franklin Planner Accessories
  2. MonPetitPlanner
  3. TwoKraftyChicks
  4. StickerSters
  5. DeepThoughtsByJosh

I love how just taking that little extra time to have fun with my planner gets me to plan more! I  also use colorful and pretty pens (glitter pens are my favorite) to write in my planner.

I’ve been a loyal Franklin Planner user for a long time for a reason. The quality and practicality of the planner is everything. I’m happy to see them expand the planner line to incorporate this more modern look.

Later Loves
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